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Outlook Gardens Intranet Walkthrough

Welcome to your new dashboard!

  • Once you logged in you will be redirected to your Dashboard.

  • Let’s discuss your dashboard’s section by section.
  1. Sidebar – This is where you will see your profile pages
    • The dashboard will be your intranet main page
    • Profile pages where you can edit your bio, see your activities, view notifications, send message to group members, access documents, and store files
  2. On the main dashboard page, you can directly access / download all documents and forms
  3. Intranet guide, where you can go back to this guige whenever you want
  4. Your recent task or the tasks assign to you will be displayed here
  5. Upcoming birthdays – announcement of the upcoming birthdays
  6. New staff added
  7. Forums /  discussions of each group members


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